Judge who signed Cantrell recall seeks recusal ruling

Photo credit Civil District Court

The judge who signed the recall petition, then was involved in lowering the threshold needed to trigger the recall is asking the State Supreme Court for help.

Judge Jennifer Medley is seeking the high court for a ruling on whether she be recused from the matter.

This comes has two lawsuits have been filed to have Medley recused.

The suit filed by Mayor LaToya Cantrell calls Medley failure to disclose she signed the recall petition patently unlawful.

Medley has written that she’s "confident that any judicial duties performed in this proceeding have been and would be performed without bias or prejudice to any party. However, out of an abundance of caution, to ensure that any concerns that all parties may have addressed, this court will make a request for the Louisiana Supreme Court to appoint an ad hoc judge pursuant to La. CCP Article 155."

Medley is the one who approved the deal between NoLaToya.org and Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin to lower the number of names needed to trigger the recall vote.

Medley was under no obligation by law to recuse herself for not disclosing she signed the petition.

Many legal experts have chimed in she in fact should’ve recused herself anyway.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Civil District Court