Why one of the largest urban parks in the US offers easy access to fishing

New Orleans City Park
New Orleans City Park Photo credit Thanh Truong/WWL

City Park can be associated with many things. For many years, it’s been a destination for locals and tourists for beignets and coffee…though there’s a lively debate about whether Morning Call’s brand of beignets and coffee were better than Café Du Monde’s duo of café au lait and beignets.

Café Du Monde took over as some coveted ground in City Park after a bidding war in recent years. There are paths for runners and walkers.
The New Orleans Museum of Art can offer access to culture (and air conditioning!). With 1,300 acres, there’s enough room for tennis courts, golfing and a host of seasonal events, but there’s one thing many people may not immediately associate with City Park: fishing.

I recently saw an announcement for the 74th annual Big Bass Rodeo at City Park will be held on March 25th. You can find more information about the rodeo here: https://neworleanscitypark.org/visit-city-park/big-bass-fishing-rodeo/.

According to the folks at City Park, it’s the longest running freshwater fishing competition in the United States. Having lived in the New Orleans Metro area for a while now, I thought I knew City Park fairly well, but it’s the first time I ever heard of the park hosting a fishing rodeo. Actually, City Park Conservancy and the Louisiana Department of Fishing and Wildlife are together hosting the rodeo, but still, anything that’s been running for 74 years must be commonly recognized, right? Or maybe City Park is kind of a hidden gem for fishing. I recently met someone who says City Park is in fact a great place to fish, but in many ways, he wants to keep his favorite fishing spots hidden.

Listen to our conversation at the park here.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Thanh Truong/WWL