Lin Brehmer's Shelter In Place Playlist


What do we want from a comfort playlist in April 2020? Some humor? Some Encouragement? Some Inspiration? Or do we need all three?

I once observed that Ray Davies has written a song for every occasion.

The Kinks - Better Things

“Here's wishing you the bluest sky/And hoping something better comes tomorrow/Hoping all the verses rhyme/And the very best of choruses, too/Follow all the doubt and sadness/I know that better things are on the way”

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

A song where the refrain “'Cause every little thing gonna be alright” makes you feel like it will.

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World.

A medley with voice and ukulele of two of the most iconic compostions of the 20th century.

The Lone Bellow - Count on Me

A new song about how people look to other people

“You can count on me, if I can count on you.”

The Youngbloods - Get Together

“Smile on your brother/Everybody get together/Try to love one another right now.”

The Call - Let the Day Begin

From the late prophetic songwriter Michael Been

“Here's to the doctors and their healing work/Here's to the loved ones in their care/Here's to the strangers on the streets tonight/Here's to the lonely everywhere”

David Bowie - Heroes 

For the ones who don’t wear capes.

The The - This is the Day 

A reassuring message about how today your life will surely change. For the better.

John Prine - Dear Abby

One of America’s greatest songwriters with a song for when you need advice and a laugh.

The Beatles - Golden Slumbers Medley 

A perfect song for all times.​