Rick Nielsen discusses the making of Cheap Trick’s new album ‘In Another World’

Plus, he tells Marty Lennartz stories about opening for the likes of Queen

“Because we can’t go out and play, we had to figure out what we can do.”

That’s what Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen told Marty Lennartz about why the band finally decided to release their long awaited studio album In Another World. The album was initially due out in 2018, but for one reason or another, it never got released.

For a band that in Nielsen’s estimate has played over 5,000 shows, the current environment is unlike any other Cheap Trick has faced in their career. However, that made it a great time to put the finishing touches on the album.

“We never had a luxury like this where it’s usually you make it and then it comes out and it’s too late to do anything,” Nielsen said. “Now, we made it for so long ago, you still can’t do anything about it, but it’s just minor stuff.”

Marty and Rick also dug into the band’s old days where they would open for the likes of Queen and The Kinks.

It wasn’t really something that Cheap Trick set out to do, but proved to be a valuable learning experience. “I don’t  think we ever dreamed ‘oh we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that.’ We just tried to be a good band,” Nielsen said.

“Every green room was different. We used to make fun of Queen, until we played with them!”

Watch Marty Lennartz’s full conversation with Rick Nielsen above.