The Musical Instrument You Should Play According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here's the musical instrument that you should play based on the zodiac.
Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar Photo credit (Getty Images)

Science has proved that playing musical instruments can be heart-fulfilling and soothing. Every time you hear musicians play their instruments on screen, it makes you want to fiddle the strings of a guitar or drop the beats on a drum. While everyone has preferences but if you are in a fix about which instrument to learn, here we have listed the best-suited instrument for your zodiac sign as reported by The Times Of India...


Aries are bold and confident and so, the Trumpet will suit them perfectly. This instrument is the definition of extravagance and stands out among all the other instrument. Its loud, vibrant and melodious sound perfectly synchronizes with an Aries.


Taureans simply love the Piano, since its historical and classical style resonates with their character and love for sophisticated and a rich, classical experience. This musical instrument requires a lot of practice, that Taureans will surely achieve, given their stubborn nature.


Fun and social Gemini love to be around people, and also rely on them for making their time worthwhile. In such cases, drums are their ideal instrument. The energetic beat is similar to their personality, which they turn into meaningful rhythms even when emotional.


Cancerians will be grateful to have an instrument through which they can channel their emotions in quite an expressive way. Cancerians tend to feel each emotion strongly, and so a Cello will be able to bring their strong emotions into a very strong and melodious play.


Leos are naturally the star among all zodiac signs, who love to be the attention of every party. An acoustic Guitar is the perfect, lively instrument for a Leo who would love nothing more than a glam jam among friends. Acoustic songs are always their favorite.


Virgos are considered to be perfectionists, so it suits them best if they go for a Violin. It is one of the hardest instruments to master, but once an individual gets the grip of it, they remain extremely relevant in their musical background amongst others.


Librans are friendly and outgoing, making Bassoon their ideal musical instrument. This beautiful instrument plays a very jolly sound and can be a great way to express one’s cheerful emotions. This instrument also highly resonates with friendship.


Scorpios have the electric charm to themselves, that can attract anyone in a jiffy and so, the Electric Guitar is a suitable instrument for them. A sizzling tune can reveal a lot about their personality, without revealing yet too much; if a Scorpio decides to stay mysterious.


The ukulele is the perfect instrument for a Sagittarian since its soothing and bright sound matches the bubbly and optimistic personality of a Sagittarian. This instrument particularly brings positive vibes wherever it is played.


Capricorns are steady, hardworking and dedicated. Their contribution is very essential to get any work done. Thus, the Bass Guitar is the ideal instrument that lets them be the backbone of the musical piece. They will play the instrument with all their might to get the music going at a proper pace.


Aquarians always have an eagerness to achieve their goals and ambitions, and for this reason, the saxophone is their instrument to match. They feel that they can express their emotions and feelings in a very transparent way, through this instrument which makes it worthwhile for them.


Pisceans are naturally artistic, who while, have the eagerness to be creative, don’t necessarily love the limelight. The Trombone requires a creative mind to shell out melodious tunes enough to keep their audience on the edge of their seat. Artistic Pisceans will be really happy to invest in this musical instrument.