The Sports With The Angriest Social Media Fans

What SPORTS have the ANGRIEST fans on social media?
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A new study on analyzed posts and reactions from more than a dozen sports . . . to determine which one had the ANGRIEST fans on Twitter. Surprisingly, it's one of the CALMEST sports: Golf.

Here's the Top 10:

1.  Golf.  42% of all Tweets about golf were classified as "angry" comments.

2.  Soccer, 28%

3.  MLB, 26%

4.  NFL, 21%

5.  Boxing, 19%

6. NHL, Formula One, and competitive DARTS are all tied at 13% . . . Of all the sports, I think I'd LEAST like to encounter angry dart throwers.

9.  Cycling, 11%

10.  NBA and Rugby, 9%

12.  Tennis, 8%

13. Cricket, 4%

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