How 2020 Has Aged You

Because of last year, did you too find your first GREY hair recently?
Older Woman Shocked
Age Shock Photo credit (Getty Images) just found that one in five women discovered their first GRAY HAIR last year.

Overall, 42% of women have found a gray hair before, and 46% of that group said it happened for the first time in 2020.  So that's 19% who spotted their first one last year.  Here are five more quick stats from the survey . . .

1.  How much did 2020 age us?  The average woman feels FOUR years older now than she did when the pandemic first hit.

2.  Just over half of women think the stress of 2020 made them go gray faster than they would have.

3.  One in three women dyed their hair at home last year.  And a third of that group had never tried it before.

4.  55% went for a bolder color than normal, because there was nowhere to go anyway.  So why not?

5.  The top reasons women dyed their own hair last year include: "My roots were showing" . . . "I just wanted a change" . . . and "I was bored."