The Most-Overused Words Of 2020

What were the MOST-OVERUSED WORDS last year?
Coronavirus Photo credit (Getty Images)

Lake Superior State University in Michigan puts out an annual list of "banished" words and phrases that we're all sick of hearing.

Around 250 different words were submitted by people online. And pandemic words dominated the list. Here are the top ten...

1.  "COVID-19."  They also lumped "coronavirus" and "rona" into the top spot.

2.  "Social distancing."  Another one we're sick of hearing but can't get rid of yet.

3.  "We're all in this together."  We heard it said in a million commercials last year.

4.  "Out of an abundance of caution."  It's the go-to line for politicians when they're exposed to COVID and have to quarantine.

5.  "In these uncertain times."

6.  "Pivot."  Which a lot of businesses had to do last year.

7.  "Unprecedented."  It also made the list back in 2002.

8.  "Karen."

9.  "Sus."  It's short for "suspicious."

10.  "I know, RIGHT?"