Could Some Players Sit out 2020 NFL Season?

Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins (27) heads towards the locker room after losing to the Seattle Seahawks 17-9 Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field. Sports Eagles Seahawks
Photo credit © Jerry Habraken, Delaware News Journal, Delaware News Journal via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Should the NFL play the 2020 season with the risk of Covid-19? The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about Malcolm Jenkins comments that football is a ‘nonessential’ thing right now.

Carl said that football is nothing more than entertainment.

 “When you hear ‘nonessential’ that’s startling from the standpoint that it puts in perspective of where football should be, its entertainment.” Dukes said “Guys get paid to entertain, they get paid because they’re very talented and they’re entertaining us. That’s why we pay top dollar, that’s why the TV dollars are what they are, there’s nothing like it because the drama involved plays out in real life and in real time. But is it essential and so when Malcolm says that, I just asked earlier are there more guys in the league that feel this way? If we get to training camp and things happen to be worse, I think you’re going to have more outspoken football players come out saying is this truly the right thing to do.”