New Falcons GM will face trio of major obstacles


The Falcons are on the cusp of hiring a new general manager, reportedly shrinking their list to the final three candidates.

The three guys they are reportedly considering are former Houston Texans GM Rick Smith, Rams Director of College Scouting Brady Holmes, and Saints VP/Asst. GM-Pro Personnel Terry Fontenot.

No matter which of the above candidates the Falcons choose, they will face the same challenges when they take over, and three challenges stick out the most.

The first concern you have to deal with is the salary cap issue. Right now the Falcons have the third-worst salary cap setup in the NFL, and a lot of that has to do with the contracts of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

To decide how you want to handle the first issue you have to first settle the second issue; the question of whether this team is in a full rebuild or not. That could determine how you decide to shed salary and who stays and who goes.

The final issue a new GM is going to have to face may end up not being an issue at all, but we just don't know. That is what role will Rich McKay have in decision-making and will a new GM have the full control he'd have at other franchises.

Once a new GM figures out how to approach these three problems, look for the Falcons to finally move in a concrete direction as a franchise