Terry Fontenot: Next step for Falcons is self-assessment


On Friday Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by new Atlanta Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot who spoke about the next steps for the Falcons now that new Head Coach Arthur Smith and Fontenot are in Atlanta and ready to go to work.

“It’s building the staff and getting that right so that’s occupying a lot of Arthur’s (Arthur Smith) time right now…so that’s the first step,” said Fontenot.

“Once we get everybody in the building, it’s getting together and it’s really self-assessment. It’s really getting together and evaluating this roster and getting down to the details of what we have here in the building. Because until you can set your road map or set your plan of how you are going to move forward…first who have to know what you have in house,” Fontenot continued.