Are Hawks finally a free agency destination?


Now that the Atlanta Hawks season has come to an end, the focus has now turned to the off-season and what they will do in free agency. More importantly, will they re-sign John Collins to a deal?

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that there are many teams interested in Collins once the free agency window opens including the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

But has Atlanta finally become an attractive destination to land big name free agents?

"I think it's more possible right now than it's ever been," Andy Bunker of the Midday Show said.

"And I mean ever; because of what they just did, the run that they just went on, the typed of player Trae is...again, it hasn't happened so until someone actually--a super star player from somewhere else--decides they want to come here and play with Trae Young, then we'll still be talking about how it's never happened.

"It feels like it's more likely that it might but is that a reason to not give a guy a contract who's already here?"