Should the Hawks bring Lou Williams back?

75756A5E-120A-4932-810C-2FD980DB785E NBA insider Ryan McDonough joined Dukes & Bell and talked about what will it cost for the Hawks to keep the core together for next year including veteran backup point guard Lou Williams?

McDonough talked about what the team might do with Lou Williams.

“You don’t want to give Lou Williams a four to five year deal at his age, it’s going to be a short term contract in my opinion,” McDonough said.
“I think the market for Lou Williams the mid-level will come in around $10 million dollars, maybe in that range, maybe a little bit north of that. I would look for that if Atlanta resigns him, maybe they go $10 or $11 million on a two year deal, something like that.”

“I think it that would be fair value for Lou Williams, and I think it would make sense for the Hawks as well to get a player that helped them win ball games but also retain their long term flexibility.”