Trae Young being treated differently from other NBA superstars


The Atlanta Hawks took the Los Angeles Lakers down to the final minutes on Monday night and one of the key moments in the Hawks' 107-99 loss was a late technical foul on Trae Young.

Trae was "T'd up" with just over four minutes remaining in the game after a turnover that some Hawks thought was last touched by the Lakers.

While it was tough to determine exactly why he was assessed a technical foul, it couldn't have come at a worse time, as the Hawks were attempting to mount a comeback.

While we don't know what Trae may have said toward the officials, there certainly was no physical reaction that led to the foul.

Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce addressed Trae's late technical foul and how he feels other players in the league may not have been called for one in that moment.

"It's a close ballgame, everybody's heated, and he didn't say or do anything that was out of the ordinary from what any other player or coach would've done at that stage," said Pierce.

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