Atlanta Mayor: World Cup estimated to bring in over $400 Million in economic impact


On Thursday afternoon it was announced that Atlanta was one of 16 cities (11 US cities, 3 Mexican cities, and 2 Canadian locations) that would be hosting the 2026 World Cup.

The City of Atlanta is no stranger to hosting major sporting events, but despite hosting Super Bowls, World Series games, College Football Championships, and more, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens feels hosting World Cup games could be the most significant sporting event in Atlanta since the 1996 Olympics.

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Economic impact would be massive
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"The initial estimate on a direct basis is about $400 Million plus, just for what we know we have with the World Cup. If the IBC (International Broadcast Center)is in play, finals matches, that adds a huge amount more," says Mayor Andre Dickens. "When they leave, think about the image and optics all across the world about Atlanta, there is money that continues to generate at another level. The '96 Olympics Games economic impact continued to put Atlanta on a phase that we haven't come off of."

To hear the entire interview with Mayor Andre Dickens about the World Cup coming to Atlanta in four years, click here.

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