Kirby Smart doesn't care about your style points, he cares about "ruthless efficiency"

Mike Griffith joined CFB Gametime to discuss the Bulldogs' tight win over Kentucky, and why they weren't sleepwalking despite the tighter than expected scoreline.

The Georgia Bulldogs are undefeated and are all but assured a second consecutive trip to the College Football Playoff, but they have looked far from invulnerable at times this season. They have struggled against the likes of Kent State and Missouri this season and most recently they escaped a 6-5 Kentucky team by only 10 points.

Jon Chuckery thinks they've been sleep-walking through some of these matchups, but Mike Griffith disagrees. He sees it as a part of the game-plan and a reality that Kirby doesn't particularly care about the style points. Griffith joined College Football Gametime on Saturday morning to discuss.

"I wouldn't call it sleepwalking," Griffith said. "I mean that's called taking the air out of the ball and shortening the game. You know, that may look like sleepwalking because so many other programs go for the style points. Other programs want to pile that offense up and get sold offensive stats up there. You see Tennessee and Ohio State kind of duking it out to be the highest-scoring teams in the country."

That's simply a product of Georgia being able to win football games in a variety of ways. They have those games where they grind it out and beat you on the ground (Missouri or Kentucky), but they also have games in which they air it out big and stretch the field (Tennessee or Oregon).

Ultimately, this isn't a team that cares a whole lot about winning pretty. Kirby Smart cares about efficiency.

"They're [Ohio State and Tennessee] going to put points on the board, they're going to light it up," Griffith continued. "They're like a 3-point shooting basketball team. They're gonna keep taking threes when they're up 20 on you because that's what they do, shoot threes. That's not Kirby Smart. Kirby Smart is efficiency. Kirby Smart is just win. Georgia doesn't have to have style points. They don't have to put up big numbers. They're going to kill you with brutal efficiency if you get and if you're going to play smash mouth like Kentucky did -- and there's going to be elements involved -- and the quarterbacks not having a good day, then Kirby's going to shut it down and run the ball."

That's pretty much what happened on Saturday. The conditions were brutal, so Georgia opted to win with their ground attack. They attempted a whopping 46 carries and Kenny McIntosh rushed for a career-high 143 yards.

"[Kirby Smart] doesn't need to score extra points," Griffith finished. "Georgia doesn't need to beat Kentucky 26 to six. 16 to six does just fine because all they gotta do is win. And they're number one, they don't have to impress anybody. Other programs are trying to sell the program, trying to establish themselves, trying to appease fans, or boost that. That's not where George is at right now. So I don't think he was sleepwalking at all. I think it was calculated. And I think that's Kirby Ball. He just wants to win efficiency all about efficiency."

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