CFB Gametime Podcast: Around the ACC with Roddy Jones


In a normal football season we would be celebrating rivalry weekend this Saturday after Thanksgiving. Instead we get a Cliff Notes version of it as the Iron Bowl and the Egg Bowl kick off. The biggest news in college football this weekend centered around the release of the first College Football Playoff ranking.

1.       Alabama

2.       Notre Dame

3.       Clemson

4.       Ohio State

5.       Texas A&M

6.       Florida

This year marks the toughest job the College Football Playoff committee.  Trying has had to determine who the four teams are that get in.  However, as my counterpart on College Football Gametime Randy McMichael always says this thing has a way of working itself out the way it’s supposed too.  There is plenty of football left to be played.  Not much to argue about with this first poll.  Texas A&M ahead of Florida isn’t a big deal.  Florida is in control of their own destiny; Texas A&M is not.  It will all work itself out the way it is supposed to.

The only issue that I had with the rankings this week…Northwestern, unbeaten against a Power 5 schedule with wins over ranked teams in Iowa and Wisconsin, is ranked 8th.  Ahead of the Wildcats at number 7 is Cincinnati.  The Bearcats are playing no one. Cincinnati isn’t getting into the college football playoff no matter how you slice this thing.  You can’t put in a team with 0 wins over Power 5 teams.  Northwestern’s path to the playoff is there.  Unfortunately, it involves a win over Ohio State and I can’t see that happening.  Regardless, the Wildcats deserve better than the playoff committee is currently giving them.

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