Georgia Tech's season is a five year promise being fulfilled


Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Head Coach Josh Pasnter joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about the promise he made to Georgia Tech which is now coming true this season.

Pastner talked about the promise he gave to Georgia Tech to return them to the NCAA Tournament.

“In April of 2016 I was in a hotel conference with room with four people from Georgia Tech, they were interviewing me for the job, I remember just like it was yesterday, I told all four people from Georgia Tech in that room I need five years.” Pastner said “I said give me five years and I’ll make sure we’re back in the NCAA tournament, but I need all five. It’s going to take us time, there’s going to be some ups and downs, and what I believe in the vision it’s going to take a full five years.”

“The weight on our shoulders, on my shoulders, it was important that I wanted to follow through on my word to the four people that were in that room from Georgia Tech, I wanted to fulfill my commitment to making sure we got back to the NCAA tournament.”