Barkley: 'Something's wrong with Kyrie… I wish somebody would get in his ear'


It was time for the Redmont Zone as Charles Barkley joined Dukes & Bell.

Chuck talked about making a mistake, gave us his lock of the week, plus how does he feel about Kyrie Irving not talking to the media?

Barkley said that he thinks there is something wrong with Kyrie.

“I wish somebody would get in his ear. I do think there is something wrong with Kyrie, I truly believe that. I’m not joking right now,” Barkley said. “I don’t understand what his objective is. Yo man they’re paying you $40 million, you gotta just talk to the press. You can answer the questions you want to, you got to show up and answers questions. I tell all these guys, 'Man we’re the luckiest dudes in the world. We make millions of dollars just playing a stupid game and part of it is coming on radio shows, talking to the press. They got jobs to do.

“But I think there’s something wrong with Kyrie, I really mean that and I feel bad because I don’t think he’s a bad kid. I just think he’s never been around mature adults who told him how he was supposed to act. You know I got lucky with Dr. J and Moses, Maurice Cheeks, and Andrew Toney were like, 'Yo man this is professional basketball, we’re pro players, you have to act like a pro. But see he’s got so much money now he can do whatever the hell he wants to do.”