McAfee loses after A.Q. Shipley bashes Joe DeNardo

'Nobody can read the Doppler like DeNardo, pal'

Things got heated Wednesday on the Pat McAfee Show after someone besmirched the name of legendary weatherman Joe DeNardo.

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Former NFL center, Penn State grad and Moon Area native A.Q. Shipley admitted to McAfee that he wasn’t a fan of his forecasts.

“We are from vastly different parts of Pittsburgh, you and I,” Shipley told the Plum native McAfee. “No, we didn’t like Joe DeNardo.”

Shipley added they would listen to DeNardo but he would say it was going to rain 50 percent of the time and it would rain all the time in Pittsburgh.

“You think Joe DeNardo ever missed?” asked McAfee while looking at photo of the WTAE weatherman who died in 2018.

“He said it’s raining? Put a f***ing hood on,” said McAfee. “He didn’t want to do it, he had to do it, he was a necessity for all of Pittsburgh.”

AJ Hawk also attempted to bury DeNardo asking if his career was ruined when the iPhone came out, allowing people to check the weather without a weatherman.

“You can read the Doppler like DeNardo, huh? Nobody can read the Doppler like DeNardo, pal,” yelled McAfee.

McAfee is a proud Pittsburgher, so when someone goes after an institution like DeNardo…he won’t stand for it

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