Orlovsky: OBJ to Steelers would put them level with Chiefs and Bengals


Could the Steelers be one piece away from being an elite team in the AFC?

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said on ESPN’s “Get Up” Monday, that if the Steelers can figure out a way to sign Odell Beckham Jr., they’ll immediately be able to compete with teams like Cincinnati and Kansas City.

“Just imagine this offense if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Najee Harris at tailback, who is still an awesome player, then you go George Pickens who is a bourgeoning star at that position, Diontae Johnson and Pat Freiermuth at tight end and you add Odell? Now we’re talking about an offense that’s got weapons and actual firepower to go chase down a Cincinnati Bengals, to go chase down a Kansas City Chiefs football team,” said Orlovsky.

He adds that while Beckham would be a “good addition” to other teams, he would propel the Steelers to a top team in the AFC.

Orlovsky also believes the Steeler would be a good spot for Beckham for a couple other reasons.

“Organizational structure and the head coach (Mike Tomlin) knows what he’s doing,” said Orlovsky. “There’s a standard, a culture, an everyday expectation that he’s walking into.”

Orlovsky says they also have Kenny Pickett on a rookie deal, so he will be playing on the cheaper side for a few more seasons.

That also gives Pickett another weapon to get better.

Beckham reportedly was asking for $20 million a year in a new contract, but he denied that report but did say someone offered him $4 million, a number he scoffed at.

Beckham didn’t play last season after he suffered an ACL injury in the Super Bowl while with the Los Angeles Rams in 2021.

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