Jeter: 'Not just our decision' to play Phillies


The last game the Phillies played was over a week ago on Sunday, July 26. After several more Marlins tested positive for the coronavirus the next day, the Phillies were shut down and told to isolate. Since then, neither team has played a game.

When asked about the decision to play that game last Sunday, Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said it was not just the Marlins' decision to make:

 "When we played Philly, in terms of when guys were testing positive, those guys did not go to the ballpark, those guys stayed back at the hotel. It's not just our decision to go out there and play a game," said Jeter via a Zoom call with the media.

"Everyone is notified. Major League Baseball is notified, the Phillies are notified, the Marlins are notified, and we went out and played the game. We followed what the rules and regulations that were in place. It's not like any organization independently decided to go out and play."

Derek Jeter just met with the media via Zoom. Tried to shoot down the idea that the decision to play Sunday in Philadelphia was his players' idea.He said everyone was "aware" of the positive tests - including the Phillies & MLB - and they "all" decided to play that game.

— Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) August 3, 2020

 Jeter was asked a follow up question about what he would say to the Phillies organization after his team did not follow protocols:

"There are a lot of teams that are affected, and it's not just the Phillies… It's something that, you feel bad. The thing you feel good about is no Phillies players have tested positive.

"In terms of how things have shaken out since then, I understand guys are probably upset because they have had to sit out as well. It's an issue that, like I said, we aren't the only team that is dealing with this. A lot of teams are dealing with this, a lot of teams have players that have tested positive.

 "We feel horrible. I feel horrible for our guys. Like I said, I'm happy that no players from Philly have tested positive, I think that's a good thing. Ultimately, whether or not we play and what games we play or are cancelled are not up to us."

 The St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers dealt with cancelations over the weekend after it was reported that Cardinals players went to a casino before their COVID-19 outbreaks. Jeter denied rumors that Marlins players were out in Atlanta before their series against the Phillies:

"We've made mistakes… Our guys were not running all around town after our game in Atlanta, so I need to ask that that stops, they don't deserve that. We did have a couple of individuals leave the hotel. In our review, it was determined we had guys leave to get coffee, to get clothes, a guy left to have dinner at a teammates house. There were no other guests on sight, there was no salacious activity, there was no hanging out at bars, no clubs, no running around in Atlanta.

"What it boils down to on this particular trip was guys were around each other, they got relaxed and they let their guards down. They were getting together in groups, they weren't wearing masks as much as they should have, they weren't social distancing. When everyone was getting tested, we went the whole Spring Training 2.0 without a positive, and the entire traveling party got a little too comfortable. Should they have been doing that? No, and that's been addressed."