Residents trapped at six homes in Scotland due to bridge failures

Photo credit WTIC News

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SCOTLAND, Conn. (WTIC Radio) - Six residences are disconnected from the outside world in the town of Scotland following three bridge failures.

First Selectman Gary Greenberg says the residents are okay and understanding about the situation at this point, even though they're unable to connect with the outside world by vehicle or other usual means.

Severe thunderstorms and rains on Wednesday overwhelmed three bridges in the area of Brook and Bass Roads. The bridges ultimately fell apart and collapsed.

First Selectman Greenberg says the town is in communication with the Governor's office and has requested an interim dry support bridge from the National Guard.

He's hopeful approvals can fall into place for the dry support bridge in the next few days. The emergency bridge could be installed in a matter of hours.

With Scotland's annual budget of only $6.5-million, the town is relying on State and Federal resources to fix the bridges permanently. First Selectman Greenberg says he has had a conversation with the Connecticut Department of Transportation about replacing the bridges using State and Federal funds.

Featured Image Photo Credit: WTIC News