Eric Hosmer: Well-publicized fantasy football league back on the rails


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The drama seems to be dwindling as the season draws closer.

Two of the newest members of the Red Sox - Eric Hosmer and Tommy Pham - were both part of the well-publicized fantasy football league involving major league players. It was Pham, of course, who most identified with the league considering his dispute with Joc Pederson that led to a physical confrontation.

But, as it turned out, Hosmer left the biggest mark on the league, making it to the championship matchup against Houston's Alex Bregman. He lost by "20 or 30 points ... It was a tough one" but certainly proved his fantasy football acumen in his first year in the high-stakes league.

"I don't finish last," Hosmer joked in his conversation about the league with

"You never expect that to be a big thing like that, but it is," he added regarding all the publicity. "It’s kind of fun. It’s cool that some of the fans can get a little behind the scenes for what it’s all about."

The league has had some upheaval since the late-May chaos ensued, with Mike Trout stepping down as commissioner after coming under criticism for his efforts in the position.

When asked by the Bradfo Sho's Cooper "Coop" Leonard how the league was running with new commissioner, Steven Cheah of Barstool Sports, running the show, Trout suggested there were issues.

But Hosmer refutes the notion that the league is in disarray, pointing out that the draft order has already been selected with the picking process on target in the coming weeks.

"It’s running smooth now," Hosmer said. "We like giving the commissioner a hard time. But he’s been very thorough. He’s been doing a good job so far, but we have to keep him on his toes."

Stay tuned ...

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