Jason Torlano, Zach Milligan become first to ski down Half Dome


Half Dome is not a place that most skiers dream of.

The slope is 45 to 60 degrees of granite and it rarely has enough snow on it.

But Jason Torlano, 40, grew up in Yosemite with Half Dome on his mind. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that as a rock climber and then a Yosemite park ranger he has climbed up the Half Dome cables and scaled the rock face on ropes dozens of times each.

Torlano is also an avid skier and always saw Half Dome as the ultimate slope.

The paper reported he has made several attempts over the years, but the conditions were never right, until a recent storm dusted the peak with a few inches of snow.

So last Sunday, he and his friend Zach Milligan became the first people to ski down the iconic dome, descending from the summit all the way to Valley floor, according to the Chronicle. The two men hiked up to a camping site on Saturday and made their way up the cables before the sun came up on Sunday.

Torlano carved his way down the dome but Milligan, who is more of a rock climber than skier, told Outside Online that after falling once, he slide-slipped most of his way down.

The pair skied where they could and climbed through sections where the snow gave way to bare rock, down 4,000 feet until they made it to Mirror Lake, a journey that took about five hours plus a lifetime of dreaming and planning.