Parent Hack - Kid Wound Up? Try A Popsicle In The Shower

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As a parent it's tough when your child gets all wound up about something and can't "unwind" it themselves.  It may be anxiety, excitement or just pure kid energy. It makes sense to change their environment a little to help them snap them out of it and calm their nerves is with a sensory experience. Meghan Moravcik Walbert at suggests "A bath or a shower is a good start; adding a popsicle to the mix, however, takes it to the next level."

It's hard to deny that the multiple senses, the warm water, and the cold popsicle will definitely take you to a different place and mind set. Walbert says "There is no way to not be present in the moment when one is standing in a steamy shower, eating a melting popsicle."

...and cleanup is a splash...literally.

And for those of us asking, well...what about us adults? She says "There’s no reason why adults can’t do this, too. Or maybe you want to swap out that popsicle for, say, an icy cold beer or a glass of chilled wine. All are acceptable and encouraged."