Drinking GHB From A Milk Jug And Fighting 100 Five Year Olds (Not At The Same Time)! Comedian Tom Segura Talks About His New Netflix Special And More!!

Johnny Dare Morning Show
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Along with our friend Bert Kreischer, comedian Tom Segura is set to take over as one of the most popular comedians on Netflix...and it shows...selling out two straight nights at the Midland Theater this past June.Their podcast, 2 Bears, 1 Cave has been gaining more and more listeners.Segura's other specials, "Comepletely Normal," "Mostly Stories, " and "Disgraceful" are some of most watched on Netflix...and now he's released an all new special, "Ball Hog," which is sure to be hit!We got Tom on the phone to find out all about the new special, that one time when he OD'd on GHB when he was 18, his thoughts on fist fighting a pack of 5 year olds and much more!!