Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! Sex Expert Dr. Sadie Allison Spends The Morning With The Johnny Dare Morning Show ( And Still Respects Us After!)

Dr. Sadie Allison and Johnny Dare
Photo credit KQRC

As we ramp up to Valentine's Day, it was high time we had a visit from our good friend and sex expert/ pleasure coach Dr. Sadie Allison!!And while its always great to have her on the phone, it's WAY more fun for us when she's in the studio with us!!Not only did she tell us all about her new CBD lube, GoLove ( available at https://golovelube.com/ ) , but we got to spend the whole morning talkin' about sex toys, how to have better sex....and T Bone only creeped her out 4 or 5 times!!!Not to mention, we got the chance to play a round of The Adult Toy Price Is Right, with some toys from her site TickleKitty.com!!

For the men, it was the Charged O'Hare Double Couple's Ring!:


And for the ladies, it was the remote control Party In The Panty!:https://www.ticklekitty.com/products/party-in-the-panty-remote-vibeFollow Dr Sadie on Instagram: