Apps Are Helping Doctors Keep Track of Patients' Mental Health Issues

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Photo credit Motortion/Getty Images

(KYW Newsradio) — Doctors and patients are using technology in the treatment of mental health issues.

With an app on your phone or a computer program, patients can keep up with the work needed to handle depression and anxiety.

Dr. Michael Vergare, chairman of psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, says patients get daily reminders, activities, and surveys, which are assigned by their mental health professionals.

"Those could be therapy exercises, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that have been built around your particular symptoms," he says.

"There could be reminders for specific activities that could you get through crisis points, there could be symptom checklists in there that you might be completing," he said. 

He says your doctor is alerted if you fail to do the work, has your data on hand ready for discussion during therapy session, and can intervene before the appointment, if necessary.