KFC Launches a Chicken Sandwich Topped With Cheetos

Cheetos Sandwich
Photo credit KFC

If there’s one thing fast food restaurants are good at, it’s coming up with crazy concoctions that customers would have never thought to try before. The latest comes from KFC, offering a chicken sandwich loaded with Cheetos. 

The Cheetos Sandwich is a limited-time-only hit that’s a collaboration between a crispy chicken filet smothered in Cheetos sauce between two buns, some mayo, and a layer of Cheetos. It will be available for a few weeks starting on July 1st.

The Cheetos Sandwich kicks off with a pop-up event at the KFC in the East Village. On June 27th, they’ll be serving up their chicken and other dishes with all kinds of Cheetos additions thrown in the mix.

They’ll be making Cheetos hot wings, Cheetos loaded fries, and Cheetos mac and cheese topped with KFC crispy chicken, of course. Get your napkins ready, because the Cheeto dust is about to be so real. 

KFC x Cheetos foods
Photo credit KFC