Audacy's CHANNEL Q presents the Adam Lambert 'High Drama' Album Release Special

Dive into Adam's new covers album track-by-track

Adam Lambert is celebrating the release of his long-awaited cover album, High Drama. The title lets fans know exactly what they’re in for as the project features 11 covers thoughtfully reconstructed into Adam Lambert-style masterpieces full of big notes, stunning twists and lots of, well… drama.

LISTEN NOW: Adam Lambert talks ‘High Drama’ with Channel Q’s Jordin Silver

“There’s so many moments on this album where I really wanted to give my fans the rockstar energy that they want,” Lambert told Channel Q’s Jordin Silver during a recent interview. “That was kind of the goal…. Rock ’n Roll fantasy. Let’s just go there.”

There’s no question that Lambert “went there” with covers of deep cuts and big hits spanning generations and genres. Included are songs originally recorded by Duran Duran, Lana Del Rey, P!nk, Bonnie Tyler, Sia, Billie Eilish, Culture Club, Kings of Leon and more.

“Holding Out For A Hero” (Bonnie Tyler)

“I realized how much this song has sort of popped up in various points in Pop culture… It’s such a good guilty pleasure song. It’s kind of camp, it’s kind of ridiculous, but Bonnie Tyler’s vocal on the original is literally stellar. She sings the hell out of it. That’s what’s always inspired me about the song, is the way she did it.”

“Getting Older” (Billie Eilish)

“I knew I wanted to look at Billie’s songs and I could have done one of her big hits, and then I was listening to this album and I started zeroing in on the lyrics of ‘Getting Older,’ and I was like, ‘You know, this song is so interesting.’ It’s so smart the way that they wrote it. You can be any age and understand what that lyric means. And I thought because her version is so understated and intimate, it gave me so much possibility on where I could take it for me.”

“Sex On Fire” (Kings of Leon)

“It’s such a brilliant record originally… In fact, someone said, ‘Are you sure you even want to touch that one?’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to try…’ I wanted to capture that sound of all that Indie dance music of that time [2008], where it was stripped, but still made you move. I wanted to pay homage to that time and then randomly sing the verses like Prince.”

While much of the reconstruction for the tracks came in the form of melodic shifts and stylistic changes, there’s a bigger statement Lambert is striving to solidify — bringing equality to the forefront of it all. In an effort to make continued strides for the LGBTQ+ community, the project features an apparent queer sensibility to songs sung by various individuals representing various sexual orientations.

“It’s really important to sort of note and pay respect to the people that came before us that, bit by bit, kind of opened the door,” he said referring to artists like Culture Club’s Boy George and songwriter Noël Coward. 

Artists like the above have all helped pave the way for artists like Lambert to express themselves fully in their craft. Adam shares he’s proud of the progress made in the industry, and looks forward to even more progress to be made with future generations.


“I think I just dared to be,” Lambert said, humbly addressing the trail he’s blazed as a gay man in the music industry. “It’s been an interesting road, and I’m really happy for where we’re at because now, there’s everything. The umbrella is open wide.”

“It’s so great… We have major music labels backing queer artists in a way that they never have before… I think the next generation coming up is a lot less bothered,” he said before joking he came up in the wrong generation. “I go, ‘Oh man, wrong timing!’“ he laughed. “But I’m still out here doing my thing.”

Lambert’s new album High Drama is available everywhere now. Check out the full track by track breakdown and more from Lambert above.

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