Benson Boone shares sour storyline behind new single, ‘Sugar Sweet’

'I was fed up'
Audacy Go Live with Benson Boone
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Benson Boone has returned to the music scene with a brand new single, “Sugar Sweet,” and he joined Audacy’s Mike Adam to talk about the inspiration behind the song, his decision to leave American Idol and more as he went live on the Audacy app.

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“I’ve written a lot of ballads and a lot of sadder songs and this one… there was someone who took a lot from me and… they took advantage of that,” Benson said of the story behind the song. “I was fed up with it, so that’s where ‘Sugar Sweet,’ came from.”

He continued “I’m not going to be here when you come running back because you do every time.”

Clearly inspired by real-life scenarios to write songs, Benson says he never shies away from letting someone know they hurt him through his lyrics. “I throw little things in there to make it obvious to that person,” he said. “There’s always one little line.”

During his time with Adam, Boone also spoke about being discovered as he auditioned for season 19 of American Idol, wowing the judges with his rendition of “Punchline” by Aidan Martin.

After easily securing a spot in the competition’s next round, Boone decided to exit the competition and ended up signing with Dan Reynolds’ (Imagine Dragons) Night Street Records in partnership with Warner Records.

The decision was a big one for Boone, but in the end he believes it paid off in big ways as he can see himself fulfilling a long career in the music industry. “A couple months later [after leaving] I was starting to write my own music and I released ‘Ghost Town’ and things started to pick up so it was OK,” he said.

“There are going to be hard days and there are going to be some really good days and I think so long as I keep myself grounded and have my friends with me, and have my family with me, then I can do this forever,” he shared.

Hear more from Benson including details surrounding his upcoming tour by tuning into his full conversation with Mike Adam above.

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