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'Ready To Be' has arrived

In celebration of their new mini-album, Ready To Be, K-Pop girl group, TWICE stopped by our studios for an Audacy Check In with Bru.

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The 9 member group consisting of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu hail from South Korea and have seen tremendous success since forming as a group on the show Sixteen in 2015.

When asked what its been like to receive such amazing reception and love from the fans, Nayeon spoke for the group expressing just how grateful they all are. “It’s amazing to be love by so many people," she said, also thanking “everyone for giving us support,” looking at the camera with a cute little hand wave.

Curious about TWICE’s creative process, Bru asked the group how they go about their song writing process. Jeongyeon jumped in first, saying, “I have tried writing lyrics before. I try to write lyrics that match the mood of TWICE.” Dahyun followed up by noting, “I also think about our fans, trying to write feelings towards them.”

With only a few months into 2023, TWICE has “many things” planned for the rest of the year, as Chaeyoung teased without revealing too much, however did note that “as always we will work hard.”

Jihyo on the other hand wasn’t sacred to spill some deets. “So in 2023 we’ll be actually going on tour again, and we’re really looking forward to meeting a lot of our ONCE and receiving energy from them as well."

TWICE also shared just how much it meant to them to be recognized at recent Billboard’s Women in Music event, as well as some of their career aspirations and goals, before revealing who their dream collab would be if they had a guaranteed yes. Their answer… Rihanna — duh. Fingers crossed their dreams come true.

Ready To Be, marks TWICE’s 12th album release and second all-English album following 2021’s The Feels.

Speaking a bit about their officially available new album, and what to expect, Tzuyu said, “this album… shows our strong will, to show everyone that TWICE is ready to welcome our true selves and breaking the prejudice and other peoples view.”

The group first gave fans an early taste of the album in January with the release of the song, “Moonlight Sunrise.” Explaining how choosing to release that track as the lead single was a unanimous decision, Jeongyeon said, “When we first heard 'Moonlight Sunrise' everyone in the group unanimously liked it, and having the song written in English we felt like we’d be able to relay our emotions to fans better.”

For all that and more from TWICE check out their entire Check In interview above, and listen to their brand new album Ready To Be below.

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