JAX preaches 'Don't call me baby, equal pay me' in new single, 'Cinderella Snapped'

The singer checks in with Audacy's Julia to give us the background
Audacy Check-In with JAX
Photo credit Audacy Check-In with JAX

After the viral success of her song, “Victoria’s Secret,” singer-songwriter, JAX, is at it again with another hard-hitting, feminist single we can’t get enough of.

LISTEN NOW: JAX joins Julia for an Audacy Check-In

The 26-year-old uses her masterful songwriting and a Pop Punk sound to rewrite the Cinderella story we all know and shift it into an empowering anthem for women all over.

“I wanted to tell this one [song] as like, a story,” JAX tells Audacy's Julia of her approach to the song. “It starts with OG Cinderella… just waiting around for the Prince missing a slipper and it gets to the point of like, ‘Why am I waiting?’”

JAX continued, “She gets to a point where she just snaps. The chorus kicks in and she realizes she doesn’t need a guy to call her ‘baby’ but she really needs a guy to equal pay her.”

JAX credits her Nana, whom she calls the “OG feminist,” for the original inspiration for the song remembering when she scribbled all over JAX’s childhood Cinderella book and re-wrote the story.

“I was inspired to write this by my very ahead-of-her-time Nana, who had re-written my original Cinderella book when I was like, mad that I didn’t have a date when I was younger to the dance.”

She continued, “She took the book and she took a red marker and she started scribbling all over it and literally re-writes the thing — crosses out all the parts she disagrees with… [renamed it] Cinde-pendent woman."

WATCH NOW: JAX joins Julia for an Audacy Check-In


Hear more about the single as well as JAX’s excitement to take the stage with a few other “cinde-pendent women” at Audacy’s third annual Leading Ladies eventtaking place on International Women’s Day at Hard Rock Hotel New York.

JAX will take the stage March 8 alongside Maren MorrisBebe Rexha and Ingrid Andress for a one-of-a-kind event centered around uplifting women’s voices.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Audacy Check-In with JAX