Imagine Dragons Go Back To School for Their "Bad Liar" Video

A beautiful dance to an emotional song

The "difficult year" for Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons, unfolds in the halls of a high school for the band's "Bad Liar" video.

The latest single from the band's Origins album is deeply personal, reflecting on the relationship between Reynolds and his wife, who also co-wrote the song. "As we were writing it we knew what it was about, but we also kind of didn't speak about what it was about" Reynolds explained last year in an interview with Beats 1. "Pretty wild, because the song is obviously about a tumultuous relationship. It starts out and it's, 'Hush, my dear. It's been a difficult year.' That really was where we were at. We couldn't fake it. We couldn't lie to each other and tell each other that it was okay, because it wasn't. I think we kind of perceived this might be the end of us."

Is the boy at the center of the "Bad Liar" clip the same being sucked into the light on the cover of Evolve? Is the elegant dancing of the woman a metaphor for the intricate steps we take within a relationship? Is Reynolds wearing enough jackets, and why won't they let the band inside? The answers all lie within.

As for Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman, the pair have been working on reconciliation. "It's interesting because it was really hard for me to listen to for the last few months knowing it was going to come out, but now I listen to it and I love it, because me and Aja, we're kind of back together right now."

Origins is available everywhere.