Jeff Goldblum Gets The Ariana Grande ‘Thank U, Jeff’ Treatment From ‘The Late Late Show’

"Consider it expressed"

We are still recovering from last week's "thank u, next" video debut, as Ariana Grande relived our favorite movies like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, 13 Going On 30, and Bring It On. The burn book is back, and everyone is getting in on the action.

James Corden of The Late Late Show used the video as an inspiration for his own tribute, a deep yet sophisticated infatuation with actor Jeff Goldblum. "You've done so much for us here at the show, I just wanted to find a way to express my gratitude" explained Corden to the Jurassic Park star.

"Yo sure did" responses Goldblum. "Consider it expressed."

This time around, Goldblum is the star of the Winter Talent Show, as Corden dances with Goldblum-costumed dancers and spinning T-Rexes. Thank u, Jeff. This is our favorite.

If you find yourself jonesing for more Goldblum, you should know that he has an excellent new album out, called The Capitol Studio Sessions. Open your eyes and your heart to more Jeff below.