SCREENSHOTS: Netflix Goes Next Level With ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ ‘Black Mirror’ Film

'Bandersnatch' offers a new and inventive way to scare the life out of you

Have you had your fill of feel-good films over the past week? Looking for a new, creative way to question your existence and look for a life off the grid, free of technology and trouble? Well, welcome back Black Mirror.

The award-winning show is back on Netflix in the form of a "choose your own adventure" film. Bandersnatch is the story of a young programmer who begins "questioning reality" as he works to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game. The movie allows you to make choices for the character at key moments throughout the film, and even in the mundane moments, like deciding which cereal to start your day with.

Each choice appears at the bottom of the screen, and transitions seamlessly after a decision is made. Bandersnatch ultimately can result in 5 different endings according to early reports, with the quickest route being about 40 minutes long. There is over 300 minutes worth of footage though, and the average experience is 90 minutes. 

Choose wisely, because a character's fate rests in your hands and your nightmares likely depend on it. The film stars Fionn Whitehead as Stefan, and is the latest from the sci-fi anthology series. Black Mirror has won 6 Emmy Awards since its Netflix debut.