Shawn Mendes Mailed Matty Healy the “Iconic Underpants” From His Calvin Klein Ad

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Shawn Mendes Matty Healy
Photo credit Getty Images

The 1975’s Matty Healy was especially excited about Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein ad. After seeing the singer work the briefs so well, Matty knew he needed a pair if he hoped to keep up with Shawn.

Although the whole point of the ad was to sell the underwear as identical ones are readily available to the public, Matty wasn’t going to just go out and buy them. That’s much less special.

In one of the most perfect moments ever to be captured by Twitter, Matty revealed that he was expecting a package from Shawn himself. “It better be them iconic underpants,” he wrote after getting news of his upcoming delivery.

After a few days of intense suspense, Matty posted a photo of the underwear in a beautifully wrapped parcel. A gold ribbon tied the white Calvin Klein briefs that sat alongside a signed certificate of authenticity. “’Iconic underpants’ 1 of 1,” Shawn wrote.

The certificate seems to confirm that Matty is now in possession of THE underpants Shawn wore during his ad. “100 % authentic !,” Shawn responded. After a rough span of having a couple shows canceled due to inclement weather, we’re hoping the amazing gift is helping lift The 1975’s spirits.

After getting a brand new single from Shawn Mendes, we can also expect another full album from The 1975 very soon.