Dr. Thea Gallagher discusses best practices for finding the right therapist: ‘Give it a few sessions’

’It’s an awkward experience’
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In observation of Mental Heal Awareness Month, 100.7 Star’s Bubba Show is welcoming Dr. Thea Gallagher, a licensed clinical psychologist to the show each Tuesday to talk everything mental health in an effort to destigmatize conversations surrounding the topic.

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This week, Dr. Gallagher joined the “Better Days In May” segment to dive deep into some best practices for finding a therapist that’s right for you. While admitting it can be an awkward experience, Dr. Gallagher says it’s worth hanging in there for life-changing results.

“I think the one thing I always talk about when it comes to this topic [finding a therapist] is, you want to look at people’s profiles, you want to see… who looks interesting to me? Who looks like I could look up to them? But then I say — give it a few sessions,” she explained.

“It’s an awkward experience. The first time you go to therapy, you’re telling, pretty much a stranger, the deepest darkest secrets of your life and you might leave and feel kind of exposed, kind of vulnerable, emotional and sometimes we associate that with the therapist. I joke, I’ve had a number of therapists in my life and I feel like I never liked them the first session, but you’ve gotta give it some time because you have to build trust and you have to get to know them.”

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Acknowledging that finding a therapist can be totally overwhelming and even comparing the process to stressful dating apps, Dr. Gallagher says there are sites out there that can help make the process easier.

“The best way to go about that [finding a licensed professional] is by going on Psychology Today. You can actually search for your state and for your insurance and a provider,” she shared. “It’s a great way to specify what you’re looking for. You can see people’s pictures and bios. Look for somebody that looks like you might vibe with them, or you like what they have to say in their bio… Other great websites you can find a therapist are ABCT and ADAA.”

While encouraging individuals to seek out someone they believe they’ll vibe with, Dr. Gallagher is sure to clarify that no matter who you end up seeing — they are there to help you.

LISTEN NOW: Dr. Thea Ghallgher discusses finding the right therapist

Hear more from this week’s “More Good Days in May” segment by listening to Dr. Gallagher’s interview clips above along with the listener calls. For more conversations surrounding mental health, tune into the Bubba Show Tuesdays at 7:35 ET on 100.7 STAR.

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