John from The Maine shares how his bandmates help him manage being away from family on the road

‘It’s hard to navigate that being away’
John O'Callaghan
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Life on the road can be tough, but The Maine says they can always rely on one another when it comes to being there for each other.

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“A lot of it just has to do with us being together,” frontman, John O'Callaghan, told Audacy of prioritizing mental health on tour. “It’s an odd life being [a] traveling musician,” he continued, before detailing one of the biggest struggles he faces — being away from his child.

O'Callaghan went on to explain that having another father in the band [Patrick Kirch], and other supportive people around him helps him stay positive and feel validated.

“Patrick has a kid, I have a kid and it’s hard to navigate that being away,” he shared. “It does take its toll, but I think having people around that you can at least use as sounding boards, or people that can reaffirm that, ‘You’re OK for feeling kinda not OK,’ definitely helps.”

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