David Crosby Asks Neil Young For Forgiveness In An Attempt To Reunite CSNY

Photo credit Emma McIntyre / Staff

It appears David Crosby is ready to let bygones be bygones. The iconic rock star has reached out to Neil Young and asked for forgiveness in an attempt to get Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young back together. Crosby’s apologetic tweet came in response to a tweet asking about the Neil Young song, ‘Let’s Impeach The President.’

CSNY has not performed together since a 2013 benefit for Neil Young’s Bridge School, and have not toured together since 2006. A feud between members of the band, most notably David Crosby and Neil Young have prevented the rock and roll hall of famers from reuniting on the road. However, Crosby apparently feels now would be the time for the group to get back together.

“That song is what Neil and Stephen and Graham and I should be singing right now every effing night ....please Neil ...if you read this ...forgive me and let’s do the right thing and help right now. The country and the people need the help we can give,” Crosby wrote in his tweet. It is unknown if Young has responded to Crosby’s plea. Hopefully this leads to a CSNY reunion, as it’s now up to Young to forgive Crosby.

Via Noise11