Adam Sandler reunites with IHOP employee for ‘Milkshake Monday’

The restaurant started a new promotion after video of the actor being turned away went viral
Photo credit Getty Images / Pool

Adam Sandler unintentionally created a lot of buzz recently when a video went viral showing him being turned away from IHOP. While most would assume the story would have gone away after that, it eventually led to a response by the actor, followed by the restaurant chain starting a new promotion based on the viral moment. Now, Sandler has returned to the IHOP location he was turned away from, to reunite with the employee that made him go viral.

After going viral last week, Adam Sandler blamed the restaurant’s lack of milkshakes in the morning, as opposed to the wait time, for why he left the restaurant. After IHOP announced a new ‘Milkshake Monday’ promotion, the actor knew he had to return to where it all began. According to E Online, IHOP employee Dayanna Rodas shared a number of photos recently, showing her with Sandler at the restaurant she turned him away from.

“Thank u IHOP for Milkshake Monday,” Sandler tweeted this week, alongside a photo of his dog at IHOP. Many online were happy this saga was finally over, and Sandler got his milkshake. Hopefully no more restaurants turn him away in the future.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images / Pool