Aviation company to bring the feeling of zero gravity to Love Field next month

The Zero-G Experience will have two flights on December 17
Photo credit vicnt

There are many who thought by 2022, space travel would be an everyday occurrence. While that isn’t currently the case, some believe we are closer to that than ever before. With a few companies currently offering the chance for customers to experience the edge of earth, some may want to see how they do with zero gravity first. Luckily, an aviation company is coming to North Texas next month that will give customers the chance to experience weightlessness first hand.

The Zero-G Experience is a company that takes a hollowed-out Boeing 727 plane and executes a series of climbs and dives so passengers can experience the feeling of zero gravity. According to Dallas Observer, they will have two flights out of Dallas Love Field on December 17. "It's a much more serene experience than an adrenaline roller coaster thrill ride that people think it is. It's more of a peaceful, serene release from gravity," said Jack O'Neill, the vice president of sales and marketing for Zero-G.

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During the 90 minute flight, passengers will get to experience zero gravity for 7-8 minutes. The company even claims they have had astronauts on board that say it is a similar experience to space travel. For anyone hoping to get to space one day, this might be the first step in their journey.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: vicnt