Hilarious new beard trend has men shaving their facial hair into a “monkey tail”

The beard style has taken off in 2021 with men sharing images of their beards online
Photo credit LightFieldStudios

There are many style trends that seem cool at the time, but are regrettable when looking back on them years later. Each generation has their own examples of clothing or looks they tried that bring them shame later on in life. 2021’s version of this may have already been revealed, as men are now shaving their beards into “monkey tails.”

The new shaving style for men has been around for a few years, but has gained popularity in 2021, with many examples being shared online. The “monkey tail” beard is done by shaving off one side of the face, so the beard swoops down from sideburns, down into the mustache. The look appears is if it curls up, like a monkey’s tail. The new style has many online questioning the amount of free time people have.

Luckily, not everyone is on board with this new trend, so it will likely come and go like many have before it. Of course, while it is here there are plenty of examples of people shaving this look on their face. 2021 may not be so great after all.

Via LAD Bible