City of Keller to experiment with four day work week

Municipal employees in Keller will be a part of the trial

By the time Friday rolls around each week, most employees are ready to call it quits, regardless of industry. That’s why long weekends are always appreciated, not just for the extra day of rest, but also one less day of work to build stress. Now, the city of Keller has decided to experiment with a four day work week, to see if employees benefit from the consistent extra day off.

The city of Keller recently announced starting this week; municipal employees will begin a trial four day work week that will last through the summer. The Keller Town Hall, Municipal Service Center and the records department of the Keller Police Department will all be involved. According to KXAN, the offices will open at 7:30 A.M. on Monday and close on 5:30 P.M. on Thursday.

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“Unlike some cities throughout the nation that are responding to industry challenges with unstainable salary increases that burden taxpayers, Keller’s pilot program is financially responsible, sustainable, and customer-service driven,” said Mayor Armin Mizani. The experiment will last until October, where it will be reassessed at the next city meeting. If it works, maybe more industries will try a four day work week.

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