Construction firm builds 1,400 square foot home in two days using 3D printer

The home is currently listed on Zillow at $299,000
Photo credit photovs

Technology has come a long way over the years. While the future many imagined when growing up, with flying cars and robot butlers, didn’t quite come true; there is still plenty available that makes life significantly easier. One industry that will soon be improved by recent advancements in technology is real estate, as a new home was recently built using only a 3D printer.

The demo home, built in Calverton, New York was made by construction firm SQ4D, using a massive three-dimensional printer, according to Reuters. The 1,400 square foot home comes with a detached garage, and is currently listed on Zillow at $ 299,000. “We instruct the machine to go around and follow your floor plan each pass as we go by. We’re constantly building up,” said Kirk Andersen, the director of operations for SQ4D.

While most homes take months to complete the build, this demo house was completed in 48 hours. The company said they wanted to build the house using a 3D printer to prove it could be done. Hopefully this means construction delays will be a thing of the past.

Featured Image Photo Credit: photovs