Google unveils the most popular Halloween costumes list for 2021

The 2021 FrightGeist includes the most searched for costumes nationally and locally
Photo credit gpointstudio

Every year, Halloween fan hopes their costume idea is the one that gets all the attention. While some spend months crafting the perfect outfit, others wait until the last minute to try and throw something together. Luckily, Google is helping out both people who need a little inspiration and those hoping to come up with an original costume idea, by unveiling their list of the most searched for Halloween costumes in 2021.

There are many different routes one could go with their Halloween costume. Some go for scary, while others go for sexy. Sometimes a comedic costume gets the most attention, and other times it’s the perfect pop culture reference that wins the costume contest. Based on Google’s “2021 FrightGeist,” it seems all those groups will be represented this year. According to USA Today, the top searched for costume this year was a witch costume, followed by Rabbit, Dinosaur, Spider-Man and Cruella de Vil.

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The list also breaks down the top searches by city, as DFW’s top costume choice this year is a fairy costume. Of course, current pop culture references are trending upwards, such as costumes for the hit Netflix series ‘Squid Games.’ For those not wanting their costume idea stolen this year, they may want to check out the full list here.