Grubhub reveals which dish each state ordered for delivery the most in 2020

The delivery service’s ‘Year in Food’ report gives a breakdown of all the food delivery trends in 2020
Photo credit Rawpixel

Each state has a dish they are best known for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that dish is the go to choice among those living in the state. Grubhub recently unveiled their ‘Year in Food’ report for 2020, and many online seemed shocked by their state’s top delivery item for the year. Along with a state by state breakdown, the food delivery service also revealed some very interesting food delivery trends from the year.

According to Grubhub, the top delivery choice for the state of Texas was shrimp n grits. While many expected to see some form of BBQ, it was another popular southern dish taking the top spot. As for the rest of the country, the biggest rise in popularity for one single item was the spicy chicken sandwich, which saw a 318% rise in popularity nationwide.

Some of the other choices taking the top spots for delivery options this year were; Chicken burrito bowl, Chicken wings, Waffle fries and Cold brew coffee. Of course, Grubhub also revealed some of the weirder orders they received, including one order for 300 bean burritos. Hopefully 2021 brings even more options for delivery.