Hawaii is offering free stay at hotels for travelers willing to do volunteer work

The program offers one free night in exchange for various charity work around the state
Photo credit okimo

Many people dream of one day getting the chance to visit Hawaii, but for most cost will always be the main factor preventing the trip. Luckily, the state of Hawaii is giving travelers the chance to stay at one of their hotels for free, in exchange for volunteer work. The state tourism board announced a new program recently where volunteers can get one free night at various hotels.

Those looking to travel to Hawaii just got a major discount if they are willing to give back to the state. Some big name hotel chains are also a part of the program, including The Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. The program is looking for travelers that want to “take a trip that gives back.”

Some of the volunteer work includes; tree planting, reforestation, beach cleanups, ocean reef preservation and making Hawaiian quilts for the elderly. In exchange for the work, volunteers will get one extra night complimentary at one of the hotels involved with the program. For anyone looking to take a trip to Hawaii, this may be the best opportunity.

Via Fox News