iPhone continues filming after man accidentally drops phone from plane

The phone managed to survive the fall and captured the entire trip to the ground
Photo credit pablorebo1984

Thanks to smartphones, capturing a memory at any moment is easier than ever before. However, some moments are better experienced firsthand and not through a phone screen. One man learned this lesson the hard way, after dropping his iPhone while recording from a plane, but luckily his phone survive the fall, recording the entire fall.

As seen in the now viral video, the man is recording through an open window as the plane flies through the sky. However, the winds force the phone out of the man’s hand, sending it tumbling back towards the ground. Shockingly, the phone survived the fall, and the next morning the man was able to find the device with only a little bit of damage to the screen protector.

“It is something that, if you tell someone, they wouldn't believe you," said the filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto. The iPhone 6 fell from a height of 984 feet, eventually landing on a beach. After surviving that mishap, the man likely won’t be looking for an upgrade any time soon.

Via Mashable